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Expert Diesel Mechanics in and around Burpengary

  • Diesel Mechanics in Burpengary

Our skilled diesel mechanics at A.A. Automech Pty Ltd are extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of the servicing and repair of diesel-powered vehicles of all makes and models. From basic mechanical injection based systems to electronically managed common rail systems, we are fully trained in all aspects of diesel engine operation and repair methodology.

Our technical expertise and professional customer service has built us a reputation in Burpengary and surrounding areas. 

Diesel services

  • Common rail diesel repairs
  • Injector pumps
  • Injector repairs
  • Diesel servicing
  • Diesel reconditioning

Up-to-date diesel testing

Modern diesel engines and their injection systems require specialist diagnostic and resetting equipment, along with the necessary skills to use them. Our mechanics are kept right up to date with all of the latest diesel technology and relevant training. From fuel distribution pumps to the fuel injectors themselves, we have the equipment to check and reset all types of diesel injection systems.

Diesel component reconditioning

The repair and reconditioning of diesel fuelling systems is a highly specialised branch of automotive engineering and our team of diesel technicians are experts in the field. We can carry out the servicing of diesel injectors and injector pumps to meet the manufacturer’s specifications, using all the equipment required to correctly calibrate these components for optimum fuel delivery.

Diesel testing and repairs are specialist services, so call our expert diesel mechanics today on 07 3888 8552

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